About Us

gas·tro·pub (ɡastrōˌpəb) – A pub that specializes in serving high-quality food.

The Growler Café in Lebanon is Oregon’s first gastropub, providing handpicked craft brews, culinary creations and a local vibe that welcomes all ages.  Brothers Derrick and Chris Borgmann developed a passion for creating new and intriguing recipes early in their culinary careers. Inspired by family recipes, the brothers have devoted their time refining and experimenting with fresh and local ingredients with attention to detail and quality.

Not only do the Brother’s have a passion for creating mind-blowing grub, they also have an ongoing commitment to the growth of the Lebanon community. Since opening in September 2014, the Growler Café has utilized their devotion to craft brews in initiating Lebanon’s annual Brewfest, featuring exclusive beer selections. Not only has the Growler Café helped establish a sense of community, they have devoted their annual celebration towards benefiting the Greater Santiam Boys and Girls Club.

Overall, the Growler Café is a hidden gem that has quickly gained its popularity as a family oriented gathering place for the city of Lebanon and through travelers. Their staff shares the vision that the Brother’s have built over the years and their passion for their creations, craft beer and the community shows upon visiting.